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About ExpertusONE
ExpertusONE is a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) that provides a single digital learning platform for employees, customers, partners, and distributed workforces.


With over half a million monthly users, it aims to transform the way learning resources are found, shared, tracked, collaborated on, and retained. The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use and supports advanced mobile, social, and Salesforce connections.

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ExpertusONE features
  • Digital Content Player: It allows users to access content from multiple sources, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Kaltura. Users can easily access assessments, surveys, and SCORM content.
  • ExpertusONE mobile learning app: Users can access content from any device, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. ExpertusONE mobile learning app is another feature that helps businesses train their employees more effectively.
  • Salesforce App: Users can access content from Salesforce, such as Salesforce Chatter, Salesforce Knowledge, and Salesforce Communities. It enables easy collaboration and content sharing across Salesforce.
  • Slack App: Users can access content from Slack, with features of the app such as Slack messages, Slack channels, and Slack bots. It enables easy collaboration and content sharing across Slack.
  • Interaction Studio: It allows users to create interactive learning experiences, such as simulations, quizzes, and assessments. Users can easily customize the content and track data.
  • Meetings: Users can easily schedule online meetings with colleagues and customers. The feature facilitates easy communication.
  • Insights: The feature enables users to track and analyze user data, including user engagement, completion rates, and more.
  • Gamification: ExpertusONE gamification features can make employee training more engaging and effective. It offers a variety of features and tools to help businesses add game-like elements to their training programs, including badges, points, and leaderboards. These features help motivate your employees and improve employee engagement and retention. This feature allows users to create engaging and competitive learning experiences. It also facilitates easy customization with ExpertusONE training program customization and data tracking. ExpertusONE also offers course authoring tools that can help businesses design, develop, and deliver their courses more effectively. It offers a variety of features and tools.
  • Observation Checklist: It allows users to quickly assess and review employee performance. It also enables easy tracking of your employee's progress and giving them feedback.
  • eCommerce: Users can easily purchase and manage digital content. It also allows access to third-party content.
  • APIs: It enables users to easily integrate ExpertusONE with other applications. It also facilitates easy access to data and content from other platforms.
  • Cloud-based solution: The course authoring tool is a cloud-based solution that facilitates effective course creation and delivery.
  • Customization: Businesses can customize their courses to fit their specific needs.
  • Design and development: The tool offers features and tools to help businesses design, develop, and deliver their courses more effectively.
  • ExpertusONE analytics and reporting tool: Is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses track and assess employee training progress and results. It offers a variety of features and tools to help businesses track employee progress, assess results, and generate reports. Businesses can use the data to improve their training programs and make more informed decisions about employee training.
  • ExpertusONE integrations with HR systems: This enables businesses to connect their employee training programs with their HR systems. It offers a variety of features and tools to help businesses connect their training programs with their HR systems, including employee data, and performance.
ExpertusONE alternatives

Top alternatives to ExpertusONE include:

  1. Cornerstone OnDemand
  2. Docebo LMS
  3. SumTotal

Who is ExpertusONE for?
ExpertusONE is designed to cater to the needs of companies of all sizes and across various industries who are looking to streamline and simplify their training process while providing engaging courses and an overall better learning experience. 


The platform aims to reach every stakeholder, including employees, sales teams, partners, and customers, with detailed and value-driven training. ExpertusONE is also easily scalable, making it suitable for mid-sized to large companies, as well as global companies.

ExpertusONE platform offers four packages: LMS, LCMS, Talent, and Performance. The LMS package provides core features. The LCMS package adds extra features for creating and managing content. The Talent package includes additional features for managing talent and performance. The Performance package offers all the features of the platform.


ExpertusONE also offers different pricing packages based on the features required.


  • The Lite package is the most affordable option, providing access to the core features such as creating courses, tracking progress, and generating reports.
  • The Basic package adds features such as custom reports, assigning courses to groups of users, and integrating with third-party applications.
  • The Professional package includes all the Basic package features plus features like creating learning paths, managing quizzes, and certificates with ExpertusONE certification management. 
  • The Enterprise package offers all the Professional package features plus features like creating user groups, managing custom fields, and accessing the API.


All packages are available on a subscription basis, and discounts are available for annual prepayment.


The cost of the LMS package is $2000 per year. The cost of the LCMS package is $5000 per year. The cost of the Talent package is $10000 per year. The cost of the Performance package is $15000 per year.

Why Choose ExpertusONE?
The platform has been consistently ranked as the best Learning Management System (LMS) for enterprise learning, ExpertusONE LMS offers a modern platform that is easy to use and understand.


For over 17 years, ExpertusONE has been helping enterprise-class organizations successfully deploy, manage, and use their LMS software in a wide range of business learning environments, earning a track record of real-world success.


ExpertusONE offers advanced training tools and a full range of learning services that ensure rapid deployment, a smooth transition from legacy LMS systems, and sustained learning success, delivering technology and services that achieve results.


Industry analysts praise ExpertusONE for its advanced design and future-thinking approach, next-generation capabilities, features, and processes, and its ability to stay on top of trends in both technology and the learning industry.


ExpertusONE’s excellence in LMS technology and learning support is recognized with awards and accolades, demonstrating unprecedented industry acclaim for its innovation and commitment to customer service.


Users can access comprehensive resources from ExpertusONE, including case studies, white papers, infographics, workbooks, and blogs, to help them get the most out of their system.


ExpertusONE, a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS), redefines digital learning with a unified platform for employees, customers, partners, and distributed workforces. Boasting over half a million monthly users, its mission is to revolutionize the discovery, sharing, tracking, collaboration, and retention of learning resources. Known for its intuitive design, ease of use, and compatibility with advanced mobile, social, and Salesforce connections, ExpertusONE stands at the forefront of transforming the way organizations approach learning and development.

ExpertusONE comparisons

ExpertusONE vs Cornerstone OnDemand

The following are the top five differentiating factors between ExpertusONE and Cornerstone OnDemand:

Learning Experiences: ExpertusONE enhances the learning experience for organizations, providing learners with a more personalized learning experience. Organizations can use ExpertusONE to customize branding, interactive content, and live virtual training. On the other hand, Cornerstone OnDemand provides a more traditional learning experience, allowing organizations to create, curate, and deliver content, and measure its impact.

Content Curation: ExpertusONE provides a comprehensive content curation solution that makes it easy for organizations to create, curate, and deliver content. This includes an AI-powered content recommendation system to ensure learners are presented with the most relevant content. Cornerstone OnDemand offers an intuitive platform to find and assign content, but it is not as comprehensive as ExpertusONE’s solution.

Skills Development: ExpertusONE uses a skills-based approach to learning, allowing organizations to align learning with the skills employees need to succeed. On the other hand, Cornerstone OnDemand has a more traditional approach to learning, focusing on content-based learning.

Virtual Training: ExpertusONE offers a comprehensive virtual training solution, with tools to create and manage live virtual courses, and tools to measure the impact of these courses. Cornerstone OnDemand does not offer virtual training capabilities.

Analytics and Reporting: ExpertusONE provides advanced analytics and reporting tools, allowing organizations to measure the impact of their learning program. These tools provide insights into learner engagement and performance, as well as other areas such as content usage and program effectiveness. In comparison, Cornerstone OnDemand provides basic analytics and reporting tools, with a focus on content usage.

ExpertusONE vs Docebo 

The top 5 differentiating factors between ExpertusONE and Docebo are accessibility, e-commerce LMS, extended enterprise, LMS integrations, and mobile learning. 

Accessibility: Docebo provides accessibility features such as support for assistive technologies, keyboard navigation, and full color contrast compliance, which ensures that all users can access the learning platform. ExpertusONE has basic accessibility features such as support for high-contrast color settings and a simplified navigation structure. 

Extended Enterprise: Docebo offers extended enterprise capabilities which allow customers to manage and track learning activities outside the corporate environment. ExpertusONE does not have extended enterprise capabilities. 

LMS Integrations: Docebo provides integrations with more than 400 other business systems, making it easy to connect learning activities to other systems. ExpertusONE offers integrations with other systems.

ExpertusONE Reviews
The users of ExpertusONE are overwhelmingly positive. They report that the platform is easy to use, reliable, and provides a great range of features and functionality. 


They also appreciate the flexibility and scalability of the platform, as well as the ability to customize it for their specific needs. Additionally, users report that ExpertusONE provides excellent customer service and support, as well as a wide range of resources and tutorials to help get the most out of the platform.

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In conclusion, businesses can use ExpertusONE ExpertusONE LMS for corporate training to improve their training programs. The solutions offer a variety of features and tools to design, develop, and deliver ExpertusONE compliance training solutions courses more effectively.


This ensures that employees remain up-to-date on compliance-related topics. ExpertusONE’s course authoring tool, mobile app, analytics and reporting, ExpertusONE gamification features, and ExpertusONE integrations with HR systems enable businesses to train their employees more efficiently and effectively.

Alternative Software

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