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About iSpring Learn
iSpring Learn LMS is an online platform that enables users to design, deliver, track, and automate training programs. With iSpring Learn, users can create and upload interactive courses, quizzes, and surveys, as well as manage learners, assign tasks, and track results.


The platform is equipped with a comprehensive set of features, including an intuitive user interface, 14 question templates, interactive role-plays, and automated notifications. Additionally, iSpring Learn supports all modern eLearning standards, allowing users to collect metric data from any Learning Management System (LMS).


iSpring Learn also offers other features such as iSpring Learn gamification features, social and collaborative learning, iSpring Learn mobile learning app, and more. With iSpring Learn, users can streamline their training programs and ensure that learners are getting the most out of their learning experiences.

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iSpring Learn features
  • iSpring Learn empowers eLearning success with a wide range of powerful features. Users can quickly upload and create content with support for all SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 content, whether created with iSpring Suite or 3rd-party tools. There are no limitations on the number of hosted files, and users can create interactive long reads directly in the LMS with no technical skills required. They can also divide articles into chapters and add self-test questions with detailed feedback, as well as design the article with their brand colors and fonts.
  • Setting up the organizational structure and assigning roles is made easy with iSpring Learn's user management features. Users can be filtered by team, job title, country, or custom parameters to quickly assign courses. The iSpring Learn Calendar allows users to easily manage all training activities, including live training, workshops, and web meetings. Users can also build learning tracks that combine courses, assessments, and other training materials.
  • iSpring Learn provides detailed content, people, and quiz/simulation reports to track training progress, and users can set the system to send email notifications when students complete a learning track. 360-degree feedback is also possible to evaluate employee performance.
  • Customizing and branding iSpring Learn to match corporate identity is simple, with features such as adding a logo and favicon, applying the desired color scheme, and translating the user portal into any other language. The state-of-the-art adaptive user portal contains a convenient content library, and gamification is supported, where employees can earn points and badges, and a free mobile app for iOS and Android is available.
  • iSpring Learn integrations with HR systems: Integration is seamless with iSpring Learn's REST/SOAP API, single sign-on, and domain aliases, and custom options include white labeling for the LMS and mobile app, custom reports, and on-premise installation.
iSpring Learn alternatives
The top five competitors to the iSpring Learn includes:


  1. Thinkific 
  2. Teachable
  3. LearnWorlds 
  4. TalentLMS 
  5. Udemy 

Who is iSpring Learn for?
Businesses and organizations of all sizes can benefit from iSpring Learn, as it is highly scalable to meet the needs of any organization. It is user-friendly and does not require extensive IT resources, making it ideal for organizations with limited technical support.


iSpring Learn analytics and reporting features enable organizations to track learner progress and evaluate the effectiveness of their training programs, which can help optimize the learning experience for maximum benefit.


The platform also offers engaging social learning features, including a newsfeed with reactions, course feedback, chat functionality with trainers, points, badges, certificates, and leaderboards. Furthermore, learners can access training content at any time and from anywhere, including offline, thanks to the platform’s mobile app.

iSpring Learn offers the following pricing plans :

  • $2.99 per use/month for the business plan and enterprise plan isn’t disclosed for 50 users.
  • $2.87 per user/month for the business plan and enterprise plan isn’t disclosed for 100 users. 
  • $2.29 per user/month for business plan and an enterprise plan of $3.14 per user/month for 300 users
  • $2 per user/month for business plan and an enterprise plan of $2.83 per user/month for 500 users
  • The business plan pricing is not disclosed and an enterprise plan is offered at $2.55 per user/month for 1000 users

Why Choose iSpring Learn?
Here are five compelling reasons to choose iSpring Learn as your go-to eLearning platform:


iSpring Learn’s user-friendly interface makes creating and delivering online courses a breeze.

Get cost-effective eLearning solutions with iSpring Learn offers a cost-effective solution for delivering high-quality online courses without breaking the bank.


Explore a diverse range of features and tools with iSpring Learn, you’ll have access to a wide range of features and tools that make creating and delivering online courses a fun and engaging experience.


Customize your eLearning experience with Spring Learn training program customization. Their is a flexible platform that allows you to create and deliver a wide variety of online courses, customized to fit your unique training needs.


iSpring Learn is a reliable platform that is trusted by many leading online course providers, ensuring a seamless learning experience for your learners. iSpring Learn compliance training solutions is the perfect solution for compliance training.

iSpring Learn
iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn LMS is an online platform for creating, delivering, and managing training programs. Users can easily design interactive courses, quizzes, and surveys, while efficiently overseeing learners and tracking progress. With an intuitive interface, diverse question templates, and engaging features like role-plays and automated notifications, iSpring Learn enhances the learning experience. Supporting various eLearning standards, it facilitates seamless integration with different Learning Management Systems (LMS). The platform also incorporates gamification, social learning, and a mobile app, making it a comprehensive solution to streamline training programs and optimize the learning journey.

iSpring Learn comparisons
iSpring Learn aims to be user-friendly for both instructors and learners, while Thinkific may be confusing for learners despite being easy for instructors.iSpring Learn provides extensive course creation features, including importing existing courses, creating from scratch, and using templates, while Thinkific has limited course creation features and no course import option.


iSpring Learn offers multiple course delivery options such as self-paced, instructor-led, and blended learning, while Thinkific only offers self-paced courses.iSpring Learn has several pricing plans, including a free option, monthly subscription, and yearly subscription, while Thinkific only offers a monthly subscription plan.


iSpring Learn offers 24/7 support to instructors and learners, while Thinkific provides support during business hours only.

iSpring learn vs Teachable 


iSpring Learn is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS), which means that the software is hosted on remote servers and accessed through the internet. On the other hand, Teachable is a self-hosted platform, which means that users must download and install the software on their own web server or hosting provider.


iSpring Learn offers a native mobile app for iOS and Android devices, allowing learners to access courses on-the-go. In contrast, Teachable does not offer a native mobile app, and learners must access courses through a mobile web browser.


iSpring Learn includes a learning content management system (LCMS), which enables instructors to create and manage eLearning content. This includes features such as a course authoring toolkit, the ability to import existing courses, and customizable templates. In contrast, Teachable does not include an LCMS, and course creation is limited to basic text and multimedia content.


iSpring Learn offers a built-in assessment engine with quiz and survey templates, allowing instructors to create interactive quizzes and surveys to test learners’ knowledge and understanding. In contrast, Teachable does not offer an assessment engine, and instructors must use third-party tools to create quizzes and surveys.


iSpring Learn offers integration with Salesforce, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, allowing organizations to synchronize learner data and automate workflows. In contrast, Teachable does not offer integration with Salesforce, and learners’ data must be manually imported and exported between the two platforms.

iSpring Learn Reviews
iSpring Learn’s users praise the platform for its user-friendliness and intuitive interface, which makes creating and delivering e-learning courses an easy and enjoyable task. The customer support team is also highly commended for their excellent assistance and prompt responses to any issues or queries.


Users of iSpring Learn appreciate the platform as an excellent tool for learning new concepts and tracking their progress. They also acknowledge the user-friendly interface and the responsive support team.


Businesses and organizations widely use iSpring Learn, an eLearning software that enables users to create and share courses and knowledge. With a wide range of features, the software is easy to use and an essential tool for sharing courses and training employees.


Users recognize iSpring Learn as a crucial asset for businesses and organizations due to its user-friendliness and broad range of features. It is extensively used for employee training and educational content sharing.

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In conclusion, iSpring Learn is a highly versatile and user-friendly platform that offers a wide range of features for creating and delivering online courses. It is an ideal solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes, including those with limited IT resources.


The platform’s analytics and reporting features enable organizations to track learner progress and evaluate the effectiveness of their training programs, making it easier to optimize the learning experience for maximum benefit. In addition, the platform’s social learning features create an engaging and collaborative learning environment that includes newsfeeds, feedback on courses, chat functionality with trainers, and point systems that reward learners.


iSpring Learn also offers a mobile app that allows learners to access training content at any time and from anywhere, even offline. The platform is scalable, cost-effective, and flexible, making it an excellent choice for creating and delivering a wide variety of online courses.


Overall, iSpring Learn is a reliable and easy-to-use platform that provides users with the necessary iSpring Learn course authoring tools to create and deliver engaging and effective online courses. Its features and capabilities make it a valuable asset for any organization looking to provide effective training to their employees or offer educational content to their audience.

Alternative Software

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Udemy stands as a prominent online learning platform, offering a diverse array of courses across various subjects. It serves as a valuable opportunity for individuals to acquire new skills, advance their careers, and broaden their knowledge on various topics. Boasting over 21,300 courses and a student base exceeding 50 million, Udemy stands as one of the largest and most comprehensive online learning platforms currently available.


Thinkific is an online platform empowering entrepreneurs, educators, and course creators to develop, market, and sell their online courses. Offering a suite of business tools, Thinkific facilitates easy course creation and customization, allowing users to align their courses with their brand. The platform also provides themes designed for effectively selling educational content.

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