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Latitude Learning, an online learning platform, helps organizations to develop and manage customized eLearning programs. The platform offers a suite of tools that enable users to create, curate and deliver interactive training content.
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Latitude Learning features
  • Content Management: LatitudeLearning offers an intuitive content management system, enabling users to effortlessly create and manage programs, courses, and modules. Its content curation and authoring tools allow users to promptly generate engaging and interactive content.
  • Latitude Learning course authoring tools: Companies can develop tailored courses, multimedia content, quizzes, and assessments using Latitude Learning's course authoring tools. Additionally, it offers course completion and performance tracking, and reporting tools.
  • Learning Paths: Users can leverage LatitudeLearning's learning paths to create and manage customized learning programs and courses. It also offers progress tracking tools, enabling users to evaluate performance and completion.
  • Latitude Learning training program customization: With customizations like course authoring, assessment, and gamification features, LatitudeLearning facilitates tailored training programs for companies.
  • Learning Experience: LatitudeLearning's immersive learning experience is accessible from any device and includes interactive elements like quizzes and polls, keeping users engaged.
  • Latitude Learning analytics and reporting: Latitude Learning provides analytics and reporting tools to help companies track employee training and performance. It includes features such as course completion tracking, assessment scores, and performance analytics.
  • Integration: Companies can also integrate with existing systems and applications easily, as LatitudeLearning offers a range of integration options, including single sign-on capabilities.
  • Latitude Learning integrations with HR systems: In addition, companies can integrate with popular HR systems like Workday to manage employee training and performance.
  • Latitude Learning certification management: Certification management tools are also available to manage employee certifications, including course authoring, tracking, and reporting.
  • Latitude Learning mobile learning app: Latitude Learning offers a mobile learning app that allows employees to access their learning materials anytime, anywhere. The app includes features such as course authoring, assessments, and gamification.
  • Latitude Learning gamification features: the app includes features such as course authoring, assessments, and gamification. With Latitude Learning, companies can better manage their employee training and performance, providing a more efficient and effective learning experience for their employees.
Latitude Learning alternatives

  1. Blackboard
  2. Schoology
  3. Canvas

Who is Latitude Learning for?
The target audience of Latitude Learning is primarily organizations that are looking to create and manage custom eLearning programs for their employees. These organizations could be businesses, government agencies, or educational institutions. However, individual users who are looking to learn and develop new skills can also benefit from Latitude Learning.


The Latitude Learning LMS is a comprehensive corporate training solution that helps companies train their employees more effectively and efficiently. It offers a wide range of features and tools, including course authoring tools, mobile learning apps, analytics and reporting, gamification features, and integrations with HR systems. This makes it an ideal solution for companies of any size looking to improve their employee training programs.


The Latitude Learning LMS is also designed to provide compliance training solutions and certification management to help companies ensure that their employees are properly trained and certified. This is particularly important for industries that are subject to regulatory requirements, such as healthcare, finance, and technology.


Furthermore, the Latitude Learning LMS offers training program customization, which enables organizations to tailor their training programs to their specific needs and goals. This feature is especially valuable for companies that operate in multiple locations or have a diverse workforce, as it allows them to create training programs that are relevant and engaging for all employees.


In conclusion, the target audience of Latitude Learning is primarily organizations looking to create and manage custom eLearning programs for their employees, but also includes individual users seeking to develop new skills. The platform provides a range of tools and features that are designed to help organizations train their employees more effectively, meet regulatory requirements, and customize their training programs to meet their specific needs and goals.

Latitude Learning offers a range of packages, tailored to the needs of organizations and individuals. The packages range from basic, single-user accounts to enterprise-level plans, allowing organizations to create and manage custom eLearning programs.


Latitude Learning offers two main packages that can be customized to meet your specific needs:


  1. The first package is their Full-Service package, which includes a Learning Management System (LMS) as well as additional services like content creation, hosting, support, training, and integration. This package is priced based on the features and services you need, so the cost can vary.


  1. The second package is their Do-It-Yourself package, which is a more affordable option for those who are comfortable managing their own LMS and content. This package includes the LMS platform, hosting, and support. The cost of this package is a one-time fee of $5,000.


Latitude Learning also offers several additional services that can be added to either of these packages, such as eCommerce capabilities, mobile app development, and custom branding. Prices for these services vary depending on the exact requirements.


Latitude Learning provides a variety of customer testimonials to show how their services have helped customers achieve their goals. These testimonials can be found on their website and provide a great way to get a better understanding of what they can do.

Why Choose Latitude learning ?
Comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) with Course Authoring Tool: Latitude Learning offers a complete LMS that includes a robust course authoring tool. The course authoring tool enables users to create engaging and interactive e-learning courses that are customized to their specific training needs. The tool includes multimedia content, quizzes, and assessments that enhance learner engagement and retention.


Mobile Learning App: The Latitude Learning mobile learning app allows learners to access their training materials at any time and from anywhere. The app is designed to be user-friendly, making learning more flexible and convenient. Learners can complete their training courses on the go, increasing their productivity and efficiency


Analytics and Reporting: Latitude Learning offers powerful analytics and reporting tools that allow users to track learner performance and measure progress. The tools provide data on learner engagement, course completion rates, and assessment scores, which help companies to identify areas where learners may be struggling. The analytics and reporting tools enable companies to optimize their training programs and improve the learning experience for their employees.


Compliance Training Solutions: Latitude Learning provides compliance training solutions that help companies meet regulatory requirements. The solutions include features such as course authoring, tracking, and reporting, ensuring that learners are trained on the required topics and their progress is documented and reported. This helps companies to stay compliant with regulations and reduce the risk of non-compliance.


Integration with Existing Systems and Applications: Latitude Learning supports integration with existing systems and applications, making it easy for users to access their accounts and training materials. This allows companies to seamlessly integrate Latitude Learning into their existing infrastructure, reducing disruption and maximizing the value of their training programs.


Range of Learning Paths: Latitude Learning offers a range of learning paths to ensure that learners have access to the right training at the right time. These paths are designed to meet the specific needs of each learner, allowing them to progress at their own pace. This approach ensures that learners are engaged and motivated throughout the training process, resulting in higher completion rates and better learning outcomes.


Collaborative Learning Environment: Latitude Learning provides a collaborative learning environment that enables employees to learn and interact with each other. The platform includes tools that facilitate communication and collaboration, such as forums, chat, and social learning. This creates a sense of community and encourages learners to share knowledge and ideas, resulting in a more engaging and effective learning experience. By fostering collaboration, Latitude Learning helps organizations to create a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Latitude Learning
Latitude Learning

Latitude Learning, an online learning platform, empowers organizations to build and oversee tailored eLearning initiatives. Equipped with a suite of tools, users can seamlessly create, curate, and deliver interactive training content to meet their specific needs.

Latitude learning comparisons

Latitude learning Vs Blackboard

 Delivery Model: Latitude Learning offers an always-on SaaS model, while Blackboard is primarily a self-hosted solution.


Interface: Latitude Learning offers a modern, intuitive interface that is easy to use, while Blackboard has a more dated feel and look


Customization: Latitude Learning offers a wide range of customizations and integrations, while Blackboard relies heavily on third-party add-ons.


Cost: Latitude Learning is often more affordable than Blackboard due to its SaaS model.


Flexibility: Latitude Learning is much more flexible than Blackboard. This is due to its wide customizations and integrations. 



Latitude learning Vs Schoology

Customization: Latitude Learning provides powerful tools to tailor the learning experience to the individual student, allowing for a more personalized approach to learning. Latitude Learning also offers customizable reporting and analytics, so teachers can get a better understanding of their students’ progress.


Assessment: Latitude Learning offers a range of assessments, from multiple choice tests to more complex project-based assessments. Teachers can use these assessments to evaluate the learning outcomes of their students and to measure the effectiveness of their teaching.


Collaboration: Latitude Learning allows for collaboration between teachers, students, and administrators, so everyone can be involved in the learning process. It also features a range of tools for teachers to create and manage collaborative activities for their students.


Support: Latitude Learning provides a range of support services, from technical assistance to personalized guidance from experienced instructors. It also provides access to online resources and forums to help teachers stay up to date on the latest trends in education.


Security: Latitude Learning has implemented a range of security measures to ensure the safety and privacy of student data. It also provides a secure platform for teachers to store and share sensitive information, such as student grades.

Latitude learning Reviews
The users of Latitude Learning have had overwhelmingly positive experiences. They find the customer service to be excellent, the software to be user-friendly, and the overall interface to be intuitive and helpful. They have also praised the ability to customize the software to meet their specific needs. 


The users have found the reporting tools to be comprehensive and the ability to track employee learning progression to be incredibly helpful. Overall, users have been very impressed with Latitude Learning and its ability to provide a comprehensive and effective learning management system.

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LatitudeLearning offers a user-friendly online learning platform that helps organizations develop customized eLearning programs. Users have had overwhelmingly positive experiences and find the software to be intuitive and helpful, with excellent customer service. The reporting tools are comprehensive and the ability to track employee learning progression is incredibly helpful.


Alternative Software

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